SEO Predictions: What’s the Future of SEO?

Search engine algorithms have been getting better and better, but they’re still far from perfect.

As the algorithms improve, marketers become more inclined to game the system with unethical strategies designed only to boost SEO rankings. With search engines eventually cracking down on these tactics, it is becoming increasingly difficult for website owners to continue making progress without violating Google’s guidelines.

Is Google getting better at catching these types of tactics?

Yes, they are. But SEOs have been getting better at not being caught as well, so things balance out.

Brace yourselves, but also hold onto your hats because this is how I see the future of SEO going down:

#1 – Content marketing is set to become even more popular

As it already has for quite some time, content marketing will continue to reign supreme. It’s no secret that marketers can’t get away with doing black hat SEO tactics anymore (seeing as how the big search engines like Google are cracking them down).

#2 – Brands are a critical focus for the future of SEO

Everywhere you look, it seems as if there is another article or blog post talking about how companies of all sizes are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon. Marketing experts know that these brands must generate valuable content to stay relevant and understand that they need to invest in this type of marketing.

#3 – Local SEO will become more important than ever before

Google has been emphasizing local search results for quite some time now, and the trend is likely to continue.

As people become more reliant on their mobile devices, it is becoming even more important to rank locally because that’s where people are looking for businesses.

Google Places has become extremely popular due to Google wanting local businesses to adopt this strategy